"No Mistake" lyrics


"No Mistake"

A great expanse where a way of life is lost.
Spare no expense, tear down the wall at all cost.
Learn from and embrace the past.
There's a struggle that's eternal.
A generation gap.
Try, because we will set the beat made strong by our models slow defeat.
Disappointment is a way of life because their way of life is just not out there.
We'll take our time and we'll always try.
Our future we can't see, so unsure but it's up to you and me,
we've got our chance to lead but a struggle from within may soon be our defeat.
Eyes that only see skin deep won't see us through to victory.
Problems are multiplying,
are you looking for solutions or pointing your finger?
We'll always try to make the best of what we're given.
We do it harder. We do it faster.
We take a chance. We have no fear.
Make no mistake.
We are and have been making the rules and crossing the line.
You've got your systems.
You've got your regrets.
I make no excuse for mine.
Don't try and tell me I've got no right or reason to take a chance.
I've got what I need and I'll make it last.
We've got plenty of reserves and love to use them.
Face every day with brand new eyes.
Step back and watch the standard rise.
Renewed and always redefined.
I always had a reason but you've become my reason now.
I still walk alone.
I see my way I've got to keep going make my presence known as I journey through a world that is built to tear down our kind.
After they find out why it is we're here they'll need to understand,
give up, give in, get out, or face their ultimate fear.

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