"Saint Jude" lyrics


"Saint Jude"

Tell me all the stories you dont want to tell our kids
tell me all the ghosts that haunt your walls at nightfall
if everythings okay then tell me why theres blood on my floor
Its the pain of pride at your knees you bastard
Everythings a mess and you have failed the test
Everythings a mess now you die like the rest (the best)
tell me all the people you now wish to kill
maybe in the future your headache will moisten
if you want to live or you want to die is your own choice
the world is a sacred place put away your demons
in a speech that once read we were thought to be dead
at a house that was once there that's where we fled
in the past we left one behind
oh my god i have one left one
frustrated youth is lost ignorance is kissed
A friendship torn in two
Children burn in hell
Feed me death at dinner time
set me up a plate
i wont even attend I wont go
Scream! and it wont come out as i scream
and it wont escape with the steam
and you come out with the scream
it wont come out as i scream loud
children breed in blood
service men are severed corporation castrated
money's not forever
one by one they'll go
Bother me not you
just follow the flow
.....and for you my dear i will raise my fist
for my country dear i will slit my wrist
for the pain of pride i live in fear
for freedom i stole

Thanks to mikey for these lyrics

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