"Heart To Life" lyrics


"Heart To Life"

I don't really wanna know what this is about
It's when you're stuck it seems you're never gonna make it out
All the colours that were clear before
I don't really see them anymore
Even if I wanted, I could never figure out

You got the best of me
It's testing me and I'm all over
Starting all over again

Bring your heart to life
Before it stops beating
Don't think I'd survive
If I'd see you leaving me
We cannot waste another blood drop
Tell me we can stitch us up tonight
If only I could,
bring your heart to life

We can't escape the river captured by the tide
Cannot fake it, there's no reason left to hide
We try to find a way back from hear
But every round is leading right back here
Running around in circles trying not to collide
But oh, I just gotta bring

When the clouds will make the rain fall, we grow
We'll make it out cause to the rainbow, we go
Even if the silver lining's far away, I just gotta bring

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