"Demon" lyrics



A dozen signs that I can't shake
Going back to past mistakes
I feel it coming me
I reach as far as I can see
To places that we left behind

You can kill the pain with same old remedies
Try to hide for your enemies
If you want to live the lie

Take all that you want from me
All that you'll ever need
If you think that I'm on your side
So take all that you want from me
'Cause nothing could set you free
From demons that come at night

All the visions in my mind
Made me lose my will to fight
Wide awake by distant sound
For all the words that proved untrue, I wish that you could feel it too
When it all comes right back around
If you wanna live a lie

In any way, where the wind blows I know that you're gonna fall
In regret, while the smoking gun is in your hands
Hide away, where the sun don't shine, your back's against the wall,
In regret, you're a smoking bullet in my hands..

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