"Anywhere You Wanna Go" lyrics


"Anywhere You Wanna Go"

I pick you up in the driveway
Fleeing all the traces of our yesterdays
You're so caught up in wide eyed dreaming
Don't you need to find a hideaway
I wish had something better
Something I could give you, but my hands are tied
But don't you know it's a matter of time
We'll outshine the starlight

And we'll do it all again
Finding places heaven-sent
Somewhere days are grand and slow
A light will guide you anywhere you wanna go

And it's 2AM
We're not fading out until ten
With more than we could spend
And you know, that I would take you anywhere you wanna go

You wake me up in a town that's sleeping
And the faces tend to look the same
You're so fed up with wide eyed dreaming
With not a penny left to your name
Oh, If I had something better, something
Oh, I'd give it just to make it right
It takes a while, it's a matter of time
We'll outshine the starlight

Now rise, take a view over the hill
It's gonna tell you all you need to know
And then we'll drive, turning the wheel to exactly where we need to go

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