"Schizophrenia" lyrics



It's dark outside, I'm riding alone But I know the road Can't even see ahead of my nose But I know the road A little scared, but I know where to go Cuz I know the road I can do it by feel, take it real slow I know the road Hold on--a fork in the road Life in transition Hold on--moving too fast In the wrong direction Hold on--gotta feel the road Know my position Break the speakers, crack the books Over you shoulder, not another look Burn off the shackles of a wooden past Melt through the ice, be free at last Dare to be stupid, dare to smell You can be crazy, you can be hell The end result is always the same Whichever you choose, you lose--you're insane Granite poured into my veins Black hole explodes in my brain The accident is to blame You say you're going insane Say it like you mean it, man I wish I could, but I can't You say that life is a pain It isn't for me, man I don't feel anything at all Shield myself from the world Hold everything inside Fold my arms across my chest Shield the world from myself Make sure the sleeves are tied Wrap my arms across my chest Death is my life Life is my Death Lay my arms across my chest I know the road, I know where it goes I know the road, I know where it goes Don't tell me what I already know I know where it goes, that's why I'm going so slow

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