"Coolidge" lyrics



I'm not a cool guy anymore
As if I ever was before
I took a look at all the signs
They're rolling over in my mind

The feelings I could not release
Became a bitter part of me
What was I thinking of?
I couldn't stand the way it was

Looked at my reflection
And I saw a stranger's face
I saw where I was going
And I had to walk away

I lost a girl it's just as well
She tried to save me from myself
I still got her on my mind
Tossing and turning in my bed

But if she had stayed another week,
I would have dragged her down with me
She took off 'cause she had enough
Is that what I thought love was?

I told her "See you later"
But it's hard to see at all
At the bottom of the barrel
With your back against the wall

I'm not a cool guy anymore
Left it behind and closed the door
I know you can't escape the past
Now I look back and have to laugh

I was my worst enemy
It almost got the best of me
What was I thinking of?
I couldn't stand the way it was

I looked up one day and saw that
It was up to me
You can only be a victim if you
Admit defeat

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