"All-O-Gistics" lyrics



o worshippers of the mighty all
i had a dream
the bass master general came to me
we had a little snack at the donut shop

he said
"drink of my bonus cup, it is my blood"
"eat of this crapper, it is my body"
and his spirit entered me and i became all-ular
the bass master said "you are the chosen one"

"these are the all-o-gistics"
[chanting begins]

thou shalt not commit laundry
thou shalt covet thy neighbor's food (all)
thou shalt not create ties with the scathed (no all)
thou shalt always go for greatness
thou shalt not commit adulthood (all)
thou shalt not partake of decaf (all!)
thou shalt not suppress flatulence
thou shalt not commit hygiene (all!)
thou shalt not have no idea (all)
thou shalt commit thyself to an institution (no all)
thou shalt not take the van's name in vain
thou shalt not allow anything to deter you in your quest for all (all!)

tell me good people who is the sole achiever
who has ground his teeth and gums
so we may live in the beauty of all
(bass master general)

you may achieve all
and not wallow unknown for eternity,
all you have to do is do it! all!
(we shall achieve all)

study them, believe in them,
you must believe, do you believe in it?!
believe and you shall achieve
(we shall achieve all)

he who bears the most gas,
let him also bear forth his ass,
and cast forth the first frap

you may achieve bass by chanting the small psalm of all (all!)
chant with me
qwah qwaaaah qwaoh qwah
qwah qwaaaah qwaoh qwah
pretty good, pretty good
qwah qwaaaah qwaoh qwah [x2]

oh no! here we go again!
the mighty spirit has taken over!
do you feel it, do you feel it?!
(bass master general)

he does everything for us [best guess for this phrase]
for when he brought it among us
the bass master issued[?] forth an all-timatum:
(we shall achieve all)

if you believe, if you believe
you shall achieve all, all, allll!!!
(we shall achieve all!)

Thanks to tanner for correcting these lyrics

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