"Where The Time Will Go" lyrics


"Where The Time Will Go"

There are so many promises
That we make to each other
But none that we really keep

But this is mine for you
And this one will last us
Until we’re taken off to sleep

So if you start to fall
I’ll be the hand that won’t let go
When you’re all alone
I’ll be the hand that won’t let go

And when your heart gives up
And your lungs collapse for the last time
I’ll be there with you
Our hands entwined
As you’re taken off to sleep

To whom this may concern
I’ve started to come to terms
With how I’ve lived my life so far
And made peace with the bad decisions that I’ve made
Life disappears too quickly
To dwell on our mistakes

There are parts of my life
That I thought I wasted
But they made me who I am
If I keep on waiting for better days
They’ll just never arrive

I thought I that knew
I thought that I understood
But the wheels keep turning over
And the lights keep on rushing by
Nothing’s standing still for anyone

When you feel so much loss
That your heart almost gives up
When you feel so much loss
Everything comes into focus

When you know that nothing lasts

Death has taught me
That all the colours will all bleed out
Death has taught me
That each light will fade away

Thanks to Junja Lite for these lyrics

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