"The Sign Off" lyrics


"The Sign Off"

I find it hard to search for the words to say
Stuck inside on this meaningless day
I look at missed calls from my so called friends
I need to drop these bitter feelings
I don't want to be like all the rest
Stuck with tunnel vision
And a bitter heart in my chest

And this chest is going to fucking explode

I remember the day I cared
The sun shone and the flowers grew
Now the flowers are all dead
And I'm fucking through
I've given up on you
I thought we'd make it
If this is what you'd call a victory
Then you can take it

At a party with none of my friends
Friendly faces that's where it ends
They gave up on me, I'm doing the same
I know I'm not the one to blame
He's here again, he's shouting the odds
I guess this is me counting the costs
I've counted enough, I couldn't care less
Their bitter hearts can die in their chests

I've given up, I'm fucking out
This is my resignation
And as for all of you
We're fucking through

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