"Remembrance" lyrics



Waking up so cold
In this bed I've laced with sweat
Dripping in all my "used to be's"
As I start to reminisce
I start to breathe it in
That nostalgic air

I remember thinking
Those were the days
When the rain couldn't fall
I remember the deep blue skies
And not having a fucking care in the world

But I know it's not real
But I can't escape this
This air has filled my lungs
And I can't breathe out

This nostalgic air is so stale [x2]

How could I forget?
All the horror and all the regret

Those were never our beautiful days
(forgetting, forgetting)
They will always be our darkest days
(forgetting, forgetting)
We were living through our darkest days
(forgetting, forgetting)

forgetting, forgetting, forgetting

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