"Disappointment" lyrics



This is the disappointment
And it's all unraveling

And it's all unraveling

Passing out on these pillows we used to share
Lying to myself, helpless with myself
Thinking through dead end memories
What did you really mean to me?

Sick to my stomach
Just staring at these four walls
Sick to my stomach
Just staring at these fucking walls

It's the saddest sight
I've not slept enough tonight
I tried to talk myself out of this
But I'm all out of words

In this love story absent of the love
Standing so close together
Our hearts beating out of time
Clasping hands so tightly
We're barely holding on

I have to let you know
This goodbye will leave a stain on my mind
And as the words linger on our lips
With this dying breath, we hang our heads
We hang our heads

So as the train pulls away
I'll tell myself, I'm okay without you
And as my heart begins to pull away
I'll tell myself, it will be okay
And that I don't miss you
I'm not missing you

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