"Closing Doors" lyrics


"Closing Doors"

Five more steps and I’ll leave this home,
I won’t be coming back and deep down I know,
That this will be the last time, and time is running slow,
And every footstep that I take makes the loudest sound

Closing doors to empty rooms,
This isn’t how I pictured it to be,
This is where I used to daydream all my days away,
Filling in the blanks with stolen memories

The constant light that I used to stare at outside my window starts to flicker

It can’t be running away,
If there’s nowhere left to run to,
It’s just I’ve found another way
To get to where I need to be

Step outside leaving for the last time,
The air is so much colder than it used to be,
That night air it closes in on me,
And as I breathe out I can feel the end beginning,
Try not to shake as I turn and lock in the door,
Locking away a life that I fought so hard for,
But as I’m walking away, I know the night belongs to me,
This night belongs to me

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