"21" lyrics



Getting to grips with losing control
There are some things that I think you should know
That all the scars that I can't help but show
Are like hands that grip tightly around my throat

And I‘m still picking apart
That winter night we found ourselves falling out of love

Piecing together
All the words you said that I can’t quite remember
It keeps playing over and over in my head

I think you should hear this one last time
Even though you’ll never listen

I still count every step to where you used to be
While I carry this weight that you’ve given me

I still count every step to where you used to be
Each step I take runs through my bones
I want you to know that I’m trying
I know I don’t want to see you
But I can’t help myself

I keep trying to say goodbye
I can’t find the words
For what it’s now worth
I wish I’d never met you

I’ve tried to say goodbye
So many fucking times
But those years are always on my mind

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