"Body Bag" lyrics


"Body Bag"

Body bag, body bag ...
what's in the body bag???
body bag, body bag ...
another corpse going home

Dug into the hillside
sipping sour mash
waiting for the sun to come
this time could be our last
enemy is coming
troops all hit the ground
copters, flames & bloodshed ...
in the mist of a napalm shroud

Hellfire, bombs & napalm ...
Johnny's shedding skin
laughing at the moonlight
must be tripping again
never ending violence
bodies all around
bombs explode, another hit
no peace to be found

Running thru the trenches...
bombs explore like rain
staring at the carnage...
try & hide the pain
corpses & the mayhem...
bloodshed all around
will i see tomorrow???
watch the sun go down

A thousand bodies
lying in a napalm haze
so many bodies
by christ you'd be amazed
i stare into the eyes of my best friend
when will the pain, the dying, end?
another dead boy
another dead home boy
wanna go home boy?

Here comes Johnny Hero
his chest is all ablaze
medals from the war worlds
by christ, you'd be amazed
never ending violence
General shakes your hand
screw you, you son of a bitch
shoot that mother down

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