"Lost Souls" lyrics


"Lost Souls"

No todo lo que brilla es oro,amor
Intente encontrarle el encanto al entierro
Inutil no intentar perder control
Me perdi en tus brazos me enterraste en el cielo

Why did you expect me to be holding on?
Confusion...what am I to say?

Were the lost souls living it up
Were the lost souls
And every day we find our way
And me will never go away

Cansado nado ante tu indecision
Quietamente flotas en el mar de mis venas
Perdida ante tu realidad virtual
Mi destino cedo a ti,resigno y me muero

This is not what it used to be
I find it hard to be mistaken twice
This is not where it needs to be
I find it hard to be inseparable

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