"Right From Wrong" lyrics


"Right From Wrong"

I'm so sick and tired of hearing your name,
I'm so sick and tired!
When will you learn.
From all of your mistakes,
When will you learn.
These words you said was a lie to my face
you will never be the same.
Everyone knows that you are a liar (you are a liar)
I told you once just to be yourself!
I told you once just to be yourself
Look what you've done.
To yourself this time,
Look what what you've done,
Take advice from me
you'll never know what you have until it's gone.

This is not the time for jokes and games,
you think you know it all just wait until it hits you in the face.
Don't let it happen again
Don't let it happen again

Learn from your mistakes the past is the past now just let this go.
Learn from your mistakes the past is the past now just let this go,
Learn, to keep, learn how to keep your mouth shut for once.

This is your last chance.
Regrets are mistaken and taken all the wrong ways.
I can't believe this is how it ended
I can't believe the look on your face.

Remember when we were side by side,
Invincible to the world,
Those days were perfect amazing but not remembered
this is what you want.

Don't come running back
the past is gone and that is that.
Look at how serious I am!

For future advice
Learn to control yourself,
Learn how to respect yourself and everyone around you!

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