"Bottom Feeder" lyrics


"Bottom Feeder"

This could be you, in the place that i am. youll never know how easy it is till your in a better place, a better place. When will you realize, the things you said are haunting you now. you think your right but your wrong, dont let this fool you now. You now, Look what you did, when you said this time would be different. Look what you did, look what you did. You made your bed, now you will sleep, you will sleep. Look at this. Turning your head, back the other way, wont stop you now. Turning your head back the other way, the other way. I told you once not to go with him. dont say i didnt. I told you once, not to go with him. Dont say i didnt. I told you to stay with me. Look at you now, look at you now what have you done , look at you now.

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