"Grandpa Built A Castle Cake" lyrics


"Grandpa Built A Castle Cake"

And I jumped the gun
Way too many times
To count what every time I did
I let myself down
And it got to the point where
That was OK by me
But then I got to the point where
I should probably start to think
About myself
Before I determine
What's so hazardous
For everyone else

Hold up, wait up, wait a minute, so I can
Stop this and halt this before this gets all out of hand
And I'm not trying to, I just know that I'm going to
So when I come to my senses, don't say that I didn't warn you

And I control myself worse than anyone
And that's probably most likely something that I should work on
I hold on more than anyone would ever know
I've got this mental grip that doesn't know how to let anything go


Wait up, take this as your warning
I've never been to good at verbalizing warnings
All my life everybody tried to warn me
But this has warmed me up

Let me out, cut me down and you've widdled away
At my heart, from the start but not in a bad way
Wore me out, cut me down from the middle
Little by little, little by little


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