"Saviour" lyrics



Today I‘ve seen you
From my secret spot
Inside an old oak tree
In the middle of the park

From here I can spy on you
In your soft behaviour
Without knowing your my
Secret saviour, saviour

If you want me
I’ll be right here waiting for (you)
If you need me
Don’t try to find another door
‘Cuz I am here

All my friends tell me I’m crazy
For loving a girl like you
I guess they don’t know you
The way I do

‘Cuz you cannot hear
Your world’s like an ocean
It’s like living under water
Rest my soul my saviour, saviour

And if you say run
I’ll run with you
And if you say hide
I will hide too
‘Cuz I see the sun in your eyes
Yes I see the sun in your eyes

Thanks to punk_rock_pt for these lyrics

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