"First Melody" lyrics


"First Melody"

He lived all his life
Silently and desperate
Since day one
He knew he had something

Something to change the world
Into a better place
Something to unite all man
In one voice

Then he knew what he had to do
He opened his mouth and it came out
The first song the world listened to
The most complete and pure

He lived all his life
In pain and suffering
Trying to find an ending
For Man’s brutality

So he travelled around the world
Picking notes and sounds
Mixed all in his heart
Music rose from hope

Then he picked up a crowd
He was the first one ever to sing
But he sang to his death
Cuz Man just wasn’t ready

A stone got to his head
Just before he ended
But the seed was planted
As the melody awaits an ending

Thanks to punk_rock_pt for these lyrics

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