"Stuck Your Enemy With Semtex" lyrics


"Stuck Your Enemy With Semtex"

Featuring Pako Brown

I’m going to tell you what the world means to me
Friends, family, something that you could never be
You feel unbeatable, but you’re nothing more than a broken mind
But it is time for me to fill your emptiness
And make you aware that you’re not fucked up
You see yourself at your mirror
You see yourself magnified
You start gaining confidence
In a world of lies and you know that inside you
Loneliness plagues your heart
You think you’re the only one (the only one)
That the world cares for
You think you’re the only one that the world cares for
I’ve never felt pity for someone like you
I think you’re better of what have you become
I’m just asking you for one more favor!
Open up your heart open it up for hope
Nothing left to say it is your choice to change or not.

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