"The Condition" lyrics


"The Condition"

The condition is so crushing as if all the world is crashing,
all the world comes crashing, world comes crashing down on me.

The news is a distorted view through someone else's glasses,
reprinted for the masses and so I killed my TV.

And are you the type to let yourself get scared?
We all go swimming naked, or at least strip to our underwear,
am I the type to miss you when I'm gone?
Well I guess it won't be that long...

Driving to strange places,
seeing even stranger faces and am I the type to let myself complain?
Everything's so foreign and so I plug my guitar into a broken amplifier
I am happy, I am sane and I am growing every day in every single way...

And I'm already gone,
and I'm feeling so free,
I will sing my victory song.

Thanks to Minty for these lyrics

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