"Her Majesty's Midwestern Islands" lyrics


"Her Majesty's Midwestern Islands"

Take this because you’re going to need it just to fall asleep n this most boring cruise. The bearches are frozen and the islands are empty. The only ones left are the captain and crew … of Her Majesty’s Midwestern Islands.

So pull up a chair and get you some action. There’s a man over there who will gamble you down to the clothes off your back. At the end of the week he comes collecting and the only way off this boat is to hit the road. Take the stray dog highway to the county poorhouse. Oh, take me home. I want to go home!

(Uh-oh) River is rising! THere’s no time to argue! All hands on deck! Someone left the phonograph on. Surely, it will get wet - and all of my records will be destroyed. I’ll write them a letter, care of …

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