"Everyone Else On The Other Side" lyrics


"Everyone Else On The Other Side"

Autistic brother
Refrigerator mother
Pills all across the floor
The inside of your medicine drawer
The outside, looking in
Going through the eye sockets
Steel walls and grey wrinkles of flesh
Lithium among those neurons firing and the blood code pass from family to family
And everyone else on the other side of the wall

Search for a needle in a sea of hay
And we poke and prod, poke and prod, poke and prod and poke and prod,
We don't understand what makes us up
Social science all are social fuck-ups

Sad sad sister
Frustrated father
Do you need a place to go, do you need a room to hide in
Cocktail combination, the injection
Lost like a needle in a sea of hay
And stacks of bills, prescriptions filled something in the way
Mhhh mhhhh mhhhh
The distance between ourselves and what we see as sick

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