"Dissimilarity Index" lyrics


"Dissimilarity Index"

And it’s dark when I get off.
It’s been that way since four o’clock.
I love the hustle of the Jackson stop,
but it scares me how I can turn it off (or down to a murmur).

There’s so many different worlds I could stumble upon.
But they flicker by as frames from the tracks I’m on.
That stretch out across the land like rays,
but do they take us where we really want to go?

I’m shaken. I’m tired.

I’ve heard so many of my friends say the same thing:
that they’re searching for a change.
But this life’s like cold water, you can’t slip into it,
you can’t slip into it again.

All I wanted was to dive so deep in something
I could feel the weight like water at the deep end of the pool.
But I’ve got all these questions like
am I selfish? Or,
is this myopic? Or,
am I overthinking it?
But overthinking is the thing that I’ve done best.

I’m shaken. I’m tired.

Thanks to Hep Greg for these lyrics

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