"Your Country Is Shit" lyrics


"Your Country Is Shit"

how the fuck can you have pride in a country
how empty,ignorant and blind do you gotta be
when you fly your filthy fucking flag
your saluting n empty,wortless,useless farce

yur saluting racism
from the day the country started
it's been a part of it
and your saluting your own oppressor
and if your that fucking stupid
you deserve everything you get

your country is shit
your country is total shit and you're fat
with pride as you as you swallow every bit of it

i hope you go first in a war you've pay for
and i hope you still love your country when
your riddled with bullets in foreign country
showerd with bombs and left for dead
so fly their flag
and keep swallowing their shit
i'll never be proud or be supporting it
and i hope one day you all get your chane
as you die for freedom
the power is still in their hands

your country is shit
and you're all fucking shitif your
ignorant enough to believe it and support it

i hope you go first in a war you pay for
and think your protecting freedom when
you're killig innocent women and children
preserving capitalism
for the ones that stay in power
preserving your right to pay taxes
dying for the right to be kept in line
i hope that one day you all get your chance
as your dying for freedom
the power is still in their hands

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