"Still Got Fuck All" lyrics


"Still Got Fuck All"

Just another punk kid growing up fast
Running down the street police on my back
Listened to the records, listen to the words
Realized I'd never be part of your world

From the east to the west
to the other side of town
from the edge of the river
It cant be found
from the streets to the alleys
with our backs against the wall
another year's gone
and we still gotta fuck all

Always said what I wanted to say
You can fuck right off and get outta my way
Never wanted to believe in your society
I'll drink to my friends, fuck off to my enemies


Here's to the ones that are never coming back
ain't gonna die out, but I ain't living in the past
You know I'm still here and I'm giving what I got
I'll never be sold You know I'll never be bought

[Chorus x2]

Thanks to Robert Riot Squad for these lyrics

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