"I Hate Everything" lyrics


"I Hate Everything"

every fucking morning is the same bullshit
drag my ass out of bed and stagger off to work
working for shit another eight hours gone
my life is fucking pointless i'm getting nothing done
stupid fucking parasite do your own fucking work
i'm not going to be a slave for the rest of my life
fuck that fuck you i won't give in
i won't be part to your self destructive lifestyle
i would rather be miserable for the rest of my life
than be a happy fool in your happy little world

and so a third of my life is gone with nothing to show
just to get up and do it all again

[Chorus: x4]
i hate everything i fucking hate it all
i hate everyone i fucking hate them all

it's hard to live in a world when you fucking hate it all
everyone and every thing you see makes you fucking sick
left wing right wing sitting on a fence
stupid motherfuckers think you're going to change the world
that's the thing that fucks the most i know for a fact
nothing is ever going to change it's going to stay the same
no matter what i do no matter what i say
it's all a fucking waste of time it's getting nothing done
i can scream and yell, smash all I want
but it doesn't fucking matter i'm playing a losing game
i live like a dog in a house full of shit
the best part is i get to pay for it

[Chorus: x4]
i hate everything i fucking hate it all
i hate everyone i fucking hate them all

every sunday morning it's the same bullshit
mindless apathetic fuckers flocking to church
jerking off with god trying to run peoples lives
i don't need your ignorance get he fuck out of my face
fucking fat pig drive around in your car
who the fuck do you think you are to have power over me
with your gun, nightstick, and mace come on be a man
beat the shit out of someone so you can get paid
worthless white power piece of nazi fucking shit
five on one come on and show me
how white you fucking are and how you can fight for your race
you don't scare me i won't turn my back

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