"How Much Longer" lyrics


"How Much Longer"

how much fucking longer can this go on
how many more lives ruined and completely fucking wasted
to ensure there is no fate to capitalism or those who enforce it
on dillusioned people who don't stop to think or question
that this sytem and this way of life are completely self destructive
from birth to school to work obey and be submissive
i won't be beaten down by this fucking shit existence
that smashes people down with little or no resistence

how much longer
how much longer
how much longer

how much longer can this go on?

hoe much longer until people start to see
that capitalism holds us down with the lie it implies
and every day that it survives it suffocates us more and more
with so many lies and obstaclesto keep us pacified
diverting our frustartions and subduing our isolation
look around the world and you'll see what it's created
war and death and famine and complete annihilation
for what?fucking profit of course the competition


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