"Fight The Real Enemy" lyrics


"Fight The Real Enemy"

another day goes by of this insanity
we fight one another not the real enemy
rich bastard scum still rule this land
while their stolen wealth and positions of power go unchallenged
judges, lawyers and an army of police put
property over human life and cage thousands every day
while we're bashing our heads against the same old walls
divisions in our class insure their positions of power

fight the real enemy
fight the real enemy
they ain't never gonna stop until we fucking stop them
fight the real enemy
stop fighting one another, fight the real fight
fight the real enemy

corporations and bosses reap profit by millions
as we slave to make them rich, we all live in shit
the religious right grows stronger in numbers
leading legions of brainwashed masses into submission
nazi scum still violently emerge
for fucks sake why don't they get the boot they deserve
all these people freely take our rights
are you happy with it? well it makes me fucking sick

there's plenty of legitimate targets that surround us
recognize the oppression and real enemies around us
racist, sexist shit keeps us divided
only when we unite will they ever be defeated
lets get past that shit there's an enemy before us
stop making it easier for the system that destroys us
when we start working together on our own with no leaders
and stop giving those bastards opportunity to beat us
and fight the real enemy

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