"Does This System Work" lyrics


"Does This System Work"

It's out of the ashes and into the dust
Why are you fools so fucking eager to trust?
The same fucking scum that bribe you with wages
As they've done from the start
As they will through the ages

If there's liberity freedom and justic for all
They why do we suffer and why do we fall?
When the rich fucking scum's greed won't cease to persist
While we slave and we toil
Just barely exist

If there laws are set up to serve and protect
Why the fuck is there so much famine and death?
Why do innocent die while the scum still stay in power?
While we waste our whole lives protecting these cowards
If it all works so well and they are striving for peace
Why is there torture and war, greed and death?
While we work and we toil till our last dying breath

And you're so fucking happy
Living under the gun
While you slave and tou toil
They have their day in the sun
If their wars preserve freedom for one and for all
Then why don't they die on their own battelfields?

Does this system work?

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