"Anti Social" lyrics


"Anti Social"

the workers control the means of production
what a fucking waste
when most means of production
are as worthless as what they generate
useless commodities for mindless consumption
huge amounts of profit for certain destruction
this is what is accomplished
through this kind of production

anti social,ant socialist
fucking leftist bastards want to tell you what to do

anti social anti socialist
brand new government for you know who
anti social anti socialist
they could give a fuck for me or you
anti social anti socialist
brand new package fucking same old shit

i'm not going to fight to put someone else in power
they use the people who really believe in freedom is how they do it
hijack the accomplishments other people have made
power hungry bastards taking from others gains


i'm fucking anti social , i do not need a boss
don't need someone else telling me ehat to do
no freedom can ever offer you true freedom
they'll dangle a carrot in front of your nose
but donot fucking believe them

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