"American Made" lyrics


"American Made"

We want the cure, no we don't want the medicine
They keep us sick to keep the money rolling in
A healthy body and a healthy mind
A broken wallet because you're sick, now pay the price
I'm a full time hostage in a tie, I grind the gears, I'm just scraping by
My hands they are tattered and they are torn
The blood has since then dried
It doesn't makes a lot of sense to keep doing this time and time again
To fill up their pockets, to build up their homes
They make it easy within walls of choice
Are you the puppet or the man with the voice
Do you agree or do you wait and see what they sell you on t.v.
We put the shoes right on their feet
We put the spoon right into their mouth
If it wasn't for us they wouldn't have a fucking crutch to lean on
And that wolf that you are feeding now, it is the one that grows
It is the one that turns on you, it is the one that turns you cold

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