"205" lyrics



They're coming true
All of those things that I thought
Would never happen to me
I'm starting new
Pushing away all my doubts
And finally breaking free

I'm sick of this place
I'm sick of the taste
I'm sick of everyone around me
For three long months
I rotted away in this room
With no sense of comfort at all

What happened to you?
What happened to everything I put my heart into?

And as it turns out
I meant everything I said
And you meant none of it.
I walk for miles into the unknown
Just trying to understand

I've opened my eyes
Seems like the first time
I acted on something
Took control of my life
I won't just be a secret you keep
I'll be out singing while you're asleep

All the blood that you drew
Made it that much
Easier to walk away from you
And I know what I must do
Learn from the past and live through my own truth

They're coming true
All of those things that I hoped
Would always happen to me
I'm starting new
Breathing life into all of the things
That meant the world to me

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