"Yeah Right!" lyrics


"Yeah Right!"

Hey kid go find yourself a job - yeah right!
Punk rock sucks, music for slobs - yeah right!
You're young and dumb - yeah right!
Beer is not good for you!

You gotta live by and for the system
You don't have the right to raise your voice
What they say is exactly what you'll do
Don't even try to resist, you'll get screwed!
Yeah right ...

Pay the taxes right away - yeah right!
Sunday is the family day - yeah right!
You must be the same - yeah right!
Stop being lazy and lame!

Thank even for this beautiful place
It's god that gives us all the strength
And the religion fanatics will survive
You must be one of them to stay alive
Yeah right ...

We hear the same rhetoric every fuckin' day
We really don't care 'bout what you say
TV, media, politics and all the society
Priests, lawyers, cops and even family

We'll keep running our struggle
To all of you, close minded and blinded we say ...
Yeah right! yeah right! yeah right!

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