"My Own Ideals & Thoughts" lyrics


"My Own Ideals & Thoughts"

keep trying to fool us!
Keep trying to!

What a poor excuse
another scapegoat to the methods you use
All the mistakes, all the abuse
the bombs! The guns! The imperial rights!
You wash your hands while you brainwash minds
You’re really one of a kind
If someone could kill you would be a delight
‘cuz I had enough watching innocent people dying for someone else’s fights!
Guess what, I’m not a brainwash
I’ve got my own ideals and thoughts
Guess what! Guess what!

Television, perfect escape
behind the camera, a fake plea for peace
While millions keep dying in vain
Just pawns at your murderer greedy game
And if someone talks
If someone have their own thoughts
They’re immediately considered enemies
A threat to your so-called democracy

Keep trying to blindfold us!
Keep trying to brainwash us!
Keep trying to fool us!
We’re well aware of what you’re trying to do!

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