"American Terrorist" lyrics


"American Terrorist"

We are American fucking terrorists

It's nothing political
It's nothing personal
It's a way of life
It keeps us comfortable
To do what we want
And we'll say what we'll say (what we'll say)
We'll do what we'll do
Just to live free

Anything to keep the blood
Pumping in our favor
Living by no doctrine
The American dream?
More like American scheme
Fear is what's keeping you alive
The driving force that keeps you inside
Hiding from your shadow

Too afraid to step outside into the sunlight
And scare the shit out of yourself
For the small chance you might learn something
Or the big chance you'll feel something inside

So come on and open up (open up)
I know it's hard not to give a fuck
It's hard to let go, it's hard to do what you want
You can't spend the rest of your life living in hesitation

So do what you want
There are no powers that be
There is no American dream
There's just a dream (a dream)
There's just a dream (a dream)
We are American terrorists
We live free, we'll die free

Oh shit!

Fear is not our motivation
It's not in our vocabulary
So learn something
Keep yourself on the edge of your seat
We've never been terrified
By an all-seeing eye
Look upon us and wonder
And wonder what you could be

Right now if fear and sabotage
Weren't part of your life
We'll do what we want
And we'll say what we'll say

(We'll say) We are American fucking terrorists
We are the American fucking dream

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