"To Tell You The Truth" lyrics


"To Tell You The Truth"

“Just don’t wanna lie”, she said and our lines crossed
I feel the same if I feel anything
“to make myself feel better”, “to get the upper hand”
And staring at my ceiling
“That’s the hand that would hold me back”

And tonight I’ll stay awake and within myself tonight
I won’t close my eyes for anything, to anything
I’ll try and try to face the things I can’t get right
Break every mirror ‘til I can’t help but sing
“Doing is the best way of saying”

And would I rather take the hits full-on
Grow stronger, thicker skin!
Instead of living my every day about to collapse within
I’d rather live my every day with the will to truly
Understand what it takes, to admit my mistakes
Test, true, not to bend, will not break

Sometimes just when I’m about to break or broken
The things I fear the most need to be spoken
So I’ll shout, shout them out, let it out, get it all out
When the future’s always a sleepless night away
I’ll take it day by day

We hung up then but I feel resolved, I’m breaking out of
This, I can’t let myself down by living lies, rather stand
For something than live for nothing real
Stand for truth to myself
Than ignore the things I know I feel

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