"Moving Parts" lyrics


"Moving Parts"

When you let those chains tighten around your neck
Do you really care what happens next?
When you’re boxed in tied down, caught up, held down
The weight of life keeping your eyes on the ground
It’s so easy to get stuck, not so easy to get free
Not a seconds notice, you give up trying to succeed
It’s happened to you, it’s happened to me
Identify what’s holding you back, shrug its burden off
Your back, try to re-align ambition, lay new tracks
I know you got in you, I know it and so do you
Don’t you!

So stop take a breath, fresh, make a new start
Feel that urge, open your eyes
Taste that courage, take a step, resume that search
Uncharted time like lands lie ahead
Maps need to be drawn, words need to be said
Live, move, speak

Reconceive, Recalculate, learn from yours and live what
Feels right, some days it seems so hopeless but you can’t
Have shadows without light, the deepest depths are still
Affected, in the deepest darkest puddles you are still

You’re turning back, you’ve got to push on
Open eyes, “Darkest before dawn”

We can only take so much, but we can take so much
We can take a beating and still keep breathing hearts
Take a licking but keep ticking, someone once told me to
Stick it out, don’t let anyone else tell you
What you’re about
We all make mistakes, this life’s a lesson
We live, we learn, we think, we question

So it’s Saturday and you’re barely awake
A late night’s struggle leaves a bitter taste
But the sun is beating on your window, let the light in
The air cool, cooler now,
The sky seems, blue, bluer now
And you’re ready to face whatever it is you’re fighting

Thanks to xalex for these lyrics

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