"Elephants" lyrics



When it seems like the sun burnt out like a light and it seems
like nothing's worth it, remember this. When the world weighs
you down and your back's against the wall, the city's so cold
and it's getting to your heart, and suddenly it's hard to stand
up tall - don't despair, don't say you don't care, 'cause we
both know you do. Don't lose hope - get into something fast
and drive, and don't stop until you're outta there. And I can
tell you one thing, and that's the sun is always somewhere.
Through all the concrete, and better days are around just
around the bend. So don't stop, don't even slow down. Don't
despair when it seems unfair, 'cause that's just life. The odds
are hard and they're always stacked against you, but you've
gotta fight, and get through the night. Windows down and go,
drive recklessly, and at breakneck speeds. Because you know
that you're getting out from under these clouds. Get to a place
where smiles mean something, and they aren't just tired eyes
and bared teeth. Come visit me and I'll show you the way the
sunset hit the streets. The skyline's looking bright and we're
looking forward, standing up to the dusk.

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