"Defeat Statistics" lyrics


"Defeat Statistics"

So many days that I've wasted, dulling my senses instead of tasting.
Give me 20-20 and I still couldn't see, through anger inside of me,
at this life, so far from fair. My goals, so far from where I was.

Torn up with frustration. No direction. Lashing out at everything,
burning my life bridge by bridge. Alone, and like smoke, I couldn't fight it.
But at my most short-sighted, your words remind me, they

could not be any clearer. Staring back at me from a broken mirror.
Seven years gone. I miss your eyes. Unclench my fists. Help me to find

My way. A way to build and not just break. A solid foundation
that will not shake. Tear down the walls inside us all. Brick by brick.
Rebuild this life. I will defeat statistics.

Your words could not be any clearer. You couldn't be any nearer.
To me, right now. Your words are gone, but they echo loud.
They resonate. They bear repeating.

You pulled me close, close enough that I could swear
I could smell the smoke in your lungs. You told me,
'A selfish life is a lonely one.' And I'm alone, but I hope I find
a way to build without breaking. A way to give without taking.
A way to stand without shaking. I'm shaking solid foundations into dust.
Into smoke in your lungs. You pulled me close, close enough that I could swear..
I felt you.

And I'm alone, but I know if you were here, you'd be there for me.
Avoid a life in distance. I will defeat statistics.
You pulled me close. You told me, 'there is no life in distance.'
Embrace the ones you hold dear. Hold the ones you love near.

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