"Compassion" lyrics



This isn't culture, it's an industry,
living creatures, barely alive, chaines up in factories.
And you can tell yourself that you do enough to warrant a slip from time to time,
but your conscience knows better and you know it tastes wrong, so open your eyes.
Born into this mess, and they painted us a prettier picture,
we swallow everything we're fed, the food, the lies and the fiction.
But we don't have to live by history books, we can write and illustrate our own.
Just realize that every meal is a choice, and you only reap what you have shown.
And yet they call it culture, millions slaughtered by the day.
And it's easy to just not care when you're 1000 miles away.
But think twice next time it's on your plate;
environmental repercussions, a higher taste.
Born and raised in a fucking cage,
how can we keep making this mistake?
So many reasons, the list is so long.
All this cruelty in our lives, it just feels wrong.
There's a better way, so much more than just fashion.
A better diet for a more caring world, one word...Compassion.

You say you care, I say you're scared....Prove me wrong!

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