"Close-Knit" lyrics



Thank you for taking me through those days where growing
hurt so much. And all those fights, just taught me how to feel
and how to fight back. You were always there for me, through
thick and thin, through wrongs and rights, set an example,
even if I wanted one or not. Close-knit, closer than most I
think. Sometimes too close, but now I'm so far away and holding
on to this thread, I've got this thread stitched into my heart,
and I can always follow it back home. You made my life worth
it, gave me what I need to feel all this love, all this life - and I
know you know this, but I just happened to have the chance
to scream it loud to everyone. Thank you for every night, every
ride, all that change I borrowed and never paid, every fight, all
the things unsaid. You weren't always perfect, but you never
wanted me to be anything but me, and every time you played
like kids, thanks for showing me that it's great to live this life.
Even when you're all grown up, and every year brings another
tear, that the laughter never has to fade. And you can't always
change what you hate, you can't always throw your hate away,
but you can always find something you love.

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