"The Runaround" lyrics


"The Runaround"

This is way passed overdue
Friendship's a word that you just overuse
And you don't have to fake it anymore
So go indulge in selfishness
You can't ignore the evidence
(you let me down too many times before)

You wouldn't know it
If it slapped you in your face
When it's so obvious
There's nothing to discuss
You couldn't taste it on your tongue
Right on your plate
And now it's up to you
If you'll just follow through

And this is me letting go
I'm tired of the disappointment
You were always so demanding
I hope your conscience keeps you
Up late at night
So misleading, deceiving
You were never there for me

And did you mean it? anything?
(you gave to me, you gave to me)
On questions of survival,
How can I provide for her?
(you gave to me, you gave to me)
I'm knocking on your window
Calling on your cell phone
All I ever get are your lines and your ringtones
Giving me the runaround

There's no more looking back
There's no more time for that
I'd rather walk this world alone

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