"Come Hell Or Hi-C" lyrics


"Come Hell Or Hi-C"

I’m a traitor to myself I am lost in someone else
I’m afraid I might need help, becoming more of me and less like somebody else
And I know that I’ve made mistakes, many more than I can take
But I swear I’ll show the world, that I’m not about to break

I’m a prisoner I have lost my faith in falling down
Take me away in chains, take me away
But I know that I’ll stand ground because there’s more like me around
There’s no one else like you, no matter what you do

So I will stick to my guns, I won’t become just anyone
To say my name, or walk in line, no longer will I waste my time
I know I’ll break through, I know that I’ll see you’re questioning my morality
Places I’ve conquered, and places I’ve been, I’ll become something you haven’t seen

Words represent my fists held high
I bring them up
And I pull down the sky.

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