"Lost Cause" lyrics


"Lost Cause"

Been here for so long now I'm falling down
Oh you never called
Waited all night long, you're still not around
This isn't working at all

Drinking my money away, that didn't take up much time
Time is all I got right now, time is not on my side
Was it ever at all, I don't want to fall

Hung up for so long, now I'm crashing down
I've just been waiting this out for so long
We hoped for the best, now we're finding out
We really had nothing at all
Now I'm wondering why I was chasing this feeling
That I wasn't feeling at all
And I don't know how I got so tired and stupid
And I don't know how I let this go
So I am done waiting, and waiting and waiting
Awaiting your call
Please don't call, please don't call

Fucked up for so long, I got myself to blame

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