"Last Time I Checked" lyrics


"Last Time I Checked"

Last call, last chance to get away before you start sinking in
Can't stay this way, I'd say today
Seems like a good day for calling in
I'm damn sick of this bullshit, it's got to fucking quit
I can't drag myself through another day

Last time I checked, no miracle had gotten me out of this
Still broke, still stuck, still motherfucking fucked
And working just to exist
It's a sick joke, it's a dead end
I'm dreaming of a lifetime weekend
Walking out and never coming back

I'm getting out while I still have some hope for a better day
I'm getting out, I just can't go on living this way
They beat you down to nothing and you could say that
I'm losing my mind selling my time
For next to goddamn nothing
Watching the days passing away and turning into something
That I don't want to be, I can't live like this
It's such a nightmare but I probably will

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