"Tierra Del Fuego" lyrics


"Tierra Del Fuego"

Hail the voyage of the feeble
part academic, part warning shot!
Missionaries, stole creation
First they bought him
Then they sold him back

For just one gem now?
Yeah, an ocean button
Who's rumbling, tides now
Carry my voice!!!

So have fun when you're labor is fruitless
The sweetness bites only leave you toothless
Head highs to get through this
He knows! He knows!
Yeah, but he don't wanna prove it!
Nobody ever explains a thing to you

Strange companions berthed at sea now
Which one is the errand buy?
Which one is the clever?
Throwing over out on open water
A Sideways grin for a proof for man

Back on shore now sad it made him
to see the place where it all began

Nobody ever explains a thing to you
It's like they're always talking down to you
Nobody ever explains a thing to you
We thought about it
We wanna new true!

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