"Fell Right In" lyrics


"Fell Right In"

Your hands start to shake
but you don't know why
it's subtle and it's gross
but you don't know why
you know you're gonna break
but you don't know why
you hate your life but you don't know why!
I'm rehabilitation? I'm jungian sessions?
No! I'm red tailed hawks...
I wanna free tall from it all with my talons lock
I finally unearthed their "greatest story"
then I made up my own!
After all, I'm just the perception
of everyone's conjecture, yes this I know.
Don't make me turn on you...
It's right there in front of me
Like Dionysian mysteries
I'm the vibrations? I'm the exception?
No! I'm just small...
But this once I dreamed that I made a scream
go through you all, it wrapped itself inside your guts
and then it made you sing!
In that moment everything was frozen
no more you and me

My hands start to shake
and now I know why
It's subtle and it's gross
and I now I know why
I know I'm gonna break
but at least I know why
I love my life but I don't know why!

Thanks to xcarlupanddiex for these lyrics

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